One door is closing but another is about to open! #UKBrewCrew

So this blog has come to it’s natural end. I enjoyed my little introduction in to blog writing and learning about baseball but much has changed since that day, nearly 4 years ago, that I decided to start following baseball and the Brewers.

The biggest change is that I no longer live in Sussex, England and I can’t change the name of this blog to get a more universal address, so that was the biggest reason for putting this site aside (I didn’t think I had OCD this much)!

Don’t be upset though as I am in the process of starting up a new blog about the greatest team in the MLB, the Milwaukee Brewers. So please come and follow (coming soon)…..

Thanks to all of you who have read this blog.

Go Brewers!


2018 – The year to re-ignite the blog! #UKBrewCrew

So I understand that there is no one else in the whole of the UK that blogs about the Brewers! I have a bit of a niche market. Maybe it’s time I re-ignited the blog for the up coming season! Maybe I should learn to write a proper blog though! Does it need to be a serious review? I might have to think about!

I made it!!! #UKBrewCrew @brewers 

Today I finally got to Miller Park. What can I say, but wow!

 The stadium, the result, the weather, the beer, the people, just awesome. 

It all seems a bit surreal. 4 years ago I knew nothing about baseball, now I play it and I’ve managed to get to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers! I can’t believe it really, but it has happened! I have photographic proof! 

The game couldn’t have been better either. A home run by Thames in the first, a 2-0 early lead and the shut out in 8.5 innings to win 3-0. Temperatures in the mid to late 80’s, and beer whilst watching the game meant I couldn’t have dreamed today to be any better! 

I found a lovely local brew that I happily consumed (then I realised it was 7.5% and slowed down in consumption), tried a 4 Cheese Wisconsin hotdog and bought a new baseball cap and brewers strip. So my Miller Park experience is definitely ticked off. 

The best thing is, tomorrow I get to go again! Today has been awesome. Thanks Milwaukee and the Brewers for a fantastic day. 

Where has the time gone? #UKBrewCrew #baseball

I can’t believe it has been over 3 years since the notion of following a sport I knew nothing about came to fruition and look where I am now!

This year I will be playing my second season in the British Baseball League. I now have it confirmed that I will also be attending my first ever MLB game at Miller Park. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

We’ve (Kent Marinerss) done 7 weeks of a 10 week indoor training regime. It’s been really good. We’ve done loads of drills and running and even had a go at pitching for the first time. My new glove is breaking in nicely too. The team spirit is good and we all can’t wait to get outside and play on the diamond.

Off the field, I am fully booked up with flights and accommodation to visit Milwaukee. I also sorted tickets to 3 games at Miller Park. I’ll be there in the 4th June for game 3 of the Dodgers series as well as game 1 and 4 of the Giants series. I may get to go to game 2 or 3 as well but I want to go visit some places with some friends who are coming up from North Carolina to see me. 

So this year promises to be a big year. Let’s hope Craig’s rebuilding of the Brewers gives us an improved season and last years. I mean if the Cubs can win a World Series then surely anything can happen right?

Go Brewers!

Happy New Year Brewers. #UKBrewCrew

Happy New Year Brewers fans.

So this year is exciting because finally, I am going to be visiting Milwaukee. It is not quite officially booked yet but it is about 95% certain I will be flying in from the UK on the 3rd June. I am looking to be at the game v Dodgers on the 4th and the series against the Giants! 

In other news, I have already reported back for indoor training with the Kent Mariners. Here I am in the nets for batting practice.

I also got a few baseball items for Christmas including a new outfield glove which now needs to be broken in.

2017 is going to be a big year of baseball for me.

Go Brewers!

I’m still here….

….and I’ve been really busy with a new job, baseball training and a few other things. So anyway, I now play for a baseball team. The Kent Mariners in British Baseball’s single A South Pool D. We are currently 3rd of 5 with a 2-2 record. Here’s a pic of me looking very happy with my new team jersey and cap. 

Baseball Tonight #UKBrewCrew

At the moment I’m working away from home because I bought a house with my wife 60 miles away from my job. So I’m having to stay with my parents during the week.

Bonus to being a home owner, I finally got my satellite TV sorted and I can now watch Baseball. I look forward to the next Brewers game they show live. 

Anyhow, now I have ESPN I can get the daily highlights program Baseball Tonight. So I’ve set it to series link record. I’m home tonight as I have a job interview tomorrow and I now realise it is on everyday! That’s a lot of catching up I have already!

So guessing my learning curve is about to get steeper!

Come on you Brewers!

Wow it has been ages…..

So its actually been 9 months since I last posted and to be honest, I have been massively busy and not been able to keep up this blog. That is going to change though.

Since I last posted, my Fiancee and me have finally bought a house. We moved in last weekend. We are only 6 weeks away from our wedding and now Baseball is just around the corner again. Can’t wait.

To top it off, I have finally got a sports channel to watch baseball, so this season I will be watching as many of the games as is possible (without upsetting my soon to be wife too much).

So as we eagerly await the opening of baseball season and yes i know the Cactus League has started already, I wanted to share with you the very first celebratory drink I had in my new home. A Bottle of London Pride, in my finally christened Brewers beer glass.


UK Brewcrew on tour

The Baseball Talk….

So the stress of exams and stuff is over for a while and now I have a little more time to keep up with the baseball. Boy am I glad about that!

What has been going on then? I’ll start with what you already know! The Brewers are still topping the National League Central, 5 games clear of St. Louis. Another series win against our rivals the Cubs and taking the first game against the Twins 6-2 with Gallardo stepping up to start tonight and try to win the series. Of course you all know that…..

So I went on tour…

I spent from Wednesday until the weekend on a road trip through Wales. The big news was that I think I got a step nearer to being able to get to Milwaukee. Whilst away I proposed to my lovely girlfriend and she said yes. With that she has kind of  agreed that our honeymoon can be in the US. She’s agreed to a trip to Milwaukee, provided I take her to Niagra Falls and New York. So who am I to argue with that?

Anyway, other than that monumental news, I took my Brewers top with me on our trip, and I managed to get some very British pictures of myself in our team colours. So here are a few…

Firstly, every British Seaside resort has a pier…

Brewers 4

What trip to a British Seaside resort is complete without a Punch and Judy show?

Brewers 2

Then of course, you have to visit a British Pub….

Brewers 9

There was also some pretty spectacular scenery in central Wales…

Brewers 8

…but can you get a more British picture than this?

Brewers 6

A red telephone box, with a royal mail post box in front of a castle (and note the Welsh Flag flying)!!!

So it’s back to Concentrate on the Twins….

…come on you Brewers.

Cheerio from the UK Brewcrew for now.