I made it!!! #UKBrewCrew @brewers 

Today I finally got to Miller Park. What can I say, but wow!

 The stadium, the result, the weather, the beer, the people, just awesome. 

It all seems a bit surreal. 4 years ago I knew nothing about baseball, now I play it and I’ve managed to get to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers! I can’t believe it really, but it has happened! I have photographic proof! 

The game couldn’t have been better either. A home run by Thames in the first, a 2-0 early lead and the shut out in 8.5 innings to win 3-0. Temperatures in the mid to late 80’s, and beer whilst watching the game meant I couldn’t have dreamed today to be any better! 

I found a lovely local brew that I happily consumed (then I realised it was 7.5% and slowed down in consumption), tried a 4 Cheese Wisconsin hotdog and bought a new baseball cap and brewers strip. So my Miller Park experience is definitely ticked off. 

The best thing is, tomorrow I get to go again! Today has been awesome. Thanks Milwaukee and the Brewers for a fantastic day. 

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