Finally, learning a little about the game.

So I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs.

….9 Players in a team played over 9 innings. An innings is classed as both teams having a turn to bat and field. When the batting team has 3 outs the teams switch over. When both teams have fielded and batted then that is an innings over. The fielding team has a Pitcher and Catcher (I’m guessing similar to the wicket keeper in cricket) plus 7 outfielders and the batting team has 9 batsmen. Most runs around the diamond (4 bases) wins, simples. I think I’m ready to watch a game. I guess it’s like any sport, the idea is simple, but I’m guessing there are many complexities to this I won’t actually see until I start watching games.

Here’s what I notice first.

….I’ve played cricket and bowling anything up to 5 overs (6 balls per over) in succession really takes it out of your arm. I’m guessing pitchers suffer the same fatigue in game. By the end of it, it can feel like you’re arm is trying to wrench itself out of its socket! So there has to be more than one pitcher in a team and this I can see then opens the possibilities of tactics! Does your best pitcher start the game or come in for the last few innings?


….This made me start thinking about a team’s roster and then I looked in to substitutions. The rules on this seem a little long winded so I think it may be a case of getting used to it. I notice though that The National League and American League differ slightly with regards to the Designated Hitter not being treated as a substitution and the fact that there is a traditionalist’s view on this. I of course cannot comment either way but I am interested to see how this works. What happens when there is a crossover of conferences? What about the World Series games when the best of each conference play against each other? Are Designated Hitters allowed in these games? Either way, I get that substitutions are permanent like in football (sorry guys but you’ll have to get used to me calling soccer football. We all know it is the correct term for it. *insert smiley face*) and once a player is substituted he is out of the game. Is it common for a pitcher to be rested in the outfield for a while whilst an outfielder comes in to pitch? Again this opens more questions than I am finding answers for but can’t wait to see how this all works.


….I took my first look at the Brewers Roster. Firstly, I was surprised that none of them were classified as batsmen (I’m guessing the real term is Hitters). Man that is a lot of Pitchers though. I’m not sure what I expected to see, but of the 40 players, I certainly didn’t expect to see twenty two of them classified as Pitchers! How many are used in a game? Knowing a little about cricket though, I do get that players are more specialised at one certain discipline within the game. So I look forward to seeing how rosters are used and in particular, who are the star players and fans favourites?

You Tube is a bit of a saviour

….there is not a massive amount of coverage of baseball on T.V. in the UK. I may well need to subscribe to ESPN for the season, but for now I’ve been looking at some videos uploaded to you tube. One such video I did find was Carlos Gomez’ home run hit at the Atlanta Braves which started a mass brawl (bench clearing I think you call it) towards the end of the last regular season. Now I know nothing about why this brawl started, maybe it was some history in a previous game, but seeing as our first game is at home to the Braves, it should make for an interesting opening day to the season.

In conclusion…

….I think I may need to rest my brain a little and digest, but I think I can get the hang of this. Objective 3 complete then? Maybe, but objective 4 is still a work in progress! Writing is not nearly as easy as it seems (I work with numbers so I may find baseballs many stats easier to get around).

23 days until spring training, 47 days until opening day. Excited yet?

Until next time…….GO BREWERS!!!!!


  1. DJ

    Lots of questions. This is going to be fun! I wish I could take you to a game so I could point things out during the game.

    I’ll start with the rosters. There is a 40-man roster that is used to protect players from being selected by other teams. Then there is a 24-man roster that makes up the team. The rest of the 40-man roster is usually in the minor leagues. For now, I’ll focus on the 24-man roster.

    Teams normally carry 11 or 12 pitchers on their rosters, 2 or 3 catchers, 4 starting infielders, 3 starting outfielders, and 3 or 4 players that can play multiple positions.

    Five of the pitchers will be starting pitchers. They take turns being the starting pitcher. You want your starting pitcher to pitch as many innings as he can. Six innings is OK, seven or eight is even better. A pitcher will be taken out if he is giving up too many runs, he is getting tired, or his pitch count is getting high (100 is getting to be pretty high).

    The rest of your pitchers will be relief pitchers. One of them will be called the closer. His job is to pitch the last inning to protect a lead. It is a high pressure position. Lately, there has been a trend to have a pitcher dedicated to the eighth inning to make sure the closer has a lead in the ninth. You will have some pitchers that are called long relievers whose job is to take over early in the game, usually when the starter gives up a lot of runs. They need to come in and pitch a lot of innings (usually between 3 and 6) and give the team a chance to catch up. The short relievers usually only pitch an inning or two.

    Star players can be just about any position, except the middle relievers (pitchers that are not starters or closers). The Brewers stars are right fielder Ryan Braun, shortstop Jean Segura, center fielder Carlos Gomez, and pitcher Yovanni Gallardo.

    The brawl in Atlanta was ridiculous. Carlos Gomez hit a home run, but he stayed at home plate to watch it. That can be seen as a sign of disrespect. Brian McCann, the Braves catcher, was upset and blocked Gomez from reaching home plate. In my opinion, McCann should have been ejected and suspended. McCann is now on the New York Yankees, so I don’t think that it will be a factor this season.

    I usually get the MLB app for my phone so I can listen to the games. They have 2 packages, one that just has the radio broadcasts and one that has the television broadcast. I can picture everything that is happening in the game, so I just get the radio broadcasts. They have video highlights, so I can see 10 plays or so. I would suggest that you get the television broadcasts so you can watch the games.

    Go Brewers!

  2. DJ

    And one other thing: the Brewers pitchers and catchers report on Saturday. This is the first official workout of Spring Training. It takes a few days for the pitchers to get their arms ready. The rest of the players are usually there within a couple of days. So only 3 more days!

  3. s3agu11s

    So I did get a few things right then DJ. 🙂 Thanks for the long response. So do the 24 players in the team all get a chance to play in a game? I gathered that the standing and watching your hit go in to the stands is a bit of a wind up.

    • DJ

      Usually, all 24 do not get in to the game. For one thing, the starting pitchers usually pitch one game then have 4 days off. Managers also do their best not to put all of their relief pitchers in in one game, as they will probably need some fresh arms the next day.

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