Where has the time gone? #UKBrewCrew #baseball

I can’t believe it has been over 3 years since the notion of following a sport I knew nothing about came to fruition and look where I am now!

This year I will be playing my second season in the British Baseball League. I now have it confirmed that I will also be attending my first ever MLB game at Miller Park. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

We’ve (Kent Marinerss) done 7 weeks of a 10 week indoor training regime. It’s been really good. We’ve done loads of drills and running and even had a go at pitching for the first time. My new glove is breaking in nicely too. The team spirit is good and we all can’t wait to get outside and play on the diamond.

Off the field, I am fully booked up with flights and accommodation to visit Milwaukee. I also sorted tickets to 3 games at Miller Park. I’ll be there in the 4th June for game 3 of the Dodgers series as well as game 1 and 4 of the Giants series. I may get to go to game 2 or 3 as well but I want to go visit some places with some friends who are coming up from North Carolina to see me. 

So this year promises to be a big year. Let’s hope Craig’s rebuilding of the Brewers gives us an improved season and last years. I mean if the Cubs can win a World Series then surely anything can happen right?

Go Brewers!

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