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One week a fan (well 6 days but who’s counting!)

Why am I writing this blog?

….It’s not very often in your life that you can actually pin point the day something enters your life. In the case of me and baseball I have that exception. Tuesday 4February 2014 will forever now be known as my initiation to The Brew Crew. Do I need to do some sort of initiation? So I thought, why not document it? From that date, I can record everything about my life as a Milwaukee Brewers fan.

I wish I could go back to the time when I first fell in love with my football team (Soccer to those of you in the U.S.). For the record I follow Brighton and Hove Albion (www.seagulls.co.uk) currently playing in the Championship (2nd Tier) of the English Football League pyramid. I have few memories of my time at our old stadium (The Goldstone Ground), I can’t remember many of the games I went to see and this is a real shame, because supporting the “Seagulls” as we call them has become a major part of my life, and something my nephews are now learning as they are dragged, screaming and kicking sometimes, week in, week out to watch us play at our new fantastic 30,500 all seated stadium, The American Express Community Stadium (or The Amex as we refer to it).

In this day and age, with the invention of the internet and digital cameras, we can record every detail of our lives that are important to us. So as I have chosen the path of becoming a Brewers fan, I have the opportunity to record everything so that I can look back in the future.

What have I learnt about the Brewers in my first week of being a fan?

….They are known as the Brewers because of Milwaukee’s association with the Brewing Industry (if that isn’t a good enough reason to support a team you’ve never previously known about then what is!) They play their home games at Miller Park. A 41,900 capacity stadium built for $400 million and opened 6 April 2001 after moving from their previous home (of 30 years) the Milwaukee County Stadium. Miller Park has a fully retractable fan roof to counter the unpredictable Wisconsin weather.

The team itself was formed in 1969, originally in Seattle (known as the Pilots) and played just one season at the Sick’s Stadium in Seattle (Washington). In 1970 the team was acquired through the Bankruptcy Courts by Bud Selig who moved the franchise to Milwaukee after unsuccessfully trying to acquire a number of other teams for the city in the years previous. The Brewers were now born (or re-born if you look back to the early 1900’s when a number of minor league baseball teams played in Milwaukee under the same name). This brought major league baseball back to Milwaukee after their franchise team, The Milwaukee Braves (originally the Boston Braves), whom played in the city from 1953 to 1965 moved to Atlanta forming the now Atlanta Braves. Selig finally sold the club to current owner Mark Attanasio in 2004.

The Brewers play in the Central Division of the National League (founded in 1876). This was originally classed as the Senior League before the formation of the American League in 1901. There are 3 divisions of 5 teams in both the National League and American League (West, Central and East). Their divisional rivals are the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs. So it begs the question, who do we dislike the most? Rivalries interest me. In England, our football teams have some pretty fierce rivalries and it certainly adds to the atmosphere of games!

Answers only create more questions!

….after learning a little about the Brewer’s history there come many more questions. More of which I hope I can answer soon. Who are our biggest rivals? How many players are there in a team for a game? Just how many games are played in a baseball season? Who are our star players? What are the rules to baseball? I’m definitely going to have to write about some baseball soon! Although I have had fun looking through you tube at some memorable moments, More on that another day though. During this next week, I aim to look in to the team, the roster, the manager and hopefully a little in to the rules too!

So a second objective complete!

I now know where the team are located, a little of the history of the team and of the area of Wisconsin. I think that gives me good ground to focus on the real things now. Oh and my t-shirt hasn’t been delivered yet so no picture yet!

A sombre note to end this blog.

I was saddened to find out about the accident in 1999 that resulted in the deaths of 3 workers whilst constructing the new stadium. If I ever get to visit Miller Park, I will take a minute of silence in their memory.

Until next time…….GO BREWERS!!!!!