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So what happened yesterday?

There we were, just gone 4 up in after our 6th inning, and then somehow we lost 6-4! 3 runs in the last innings when we lead coming in to the final 4-3! Have to admit it think that is the first time in my fan following that I put my head in my hands!!! Still we get a chance today to redeem ourselves against A’s again today. Currently at time of writing we are 5-2 up with the A’s batting in the 6th.

So there is some terminology I need a hand with?

Some things I’ve been seeing whilst following online. Forceout, Strike Out, Flyout, lineout, walk. For pitching we have strikes and balls. So what is the difference between a strike and a ball? Anyone able to give a very basic explanation of those terms i mentioned? Thank you in advance.


I’m guessing the squad rotates more in the Cactus League than it does during the regular season? I haven’t seen Gallardo pitch very much on the games I’ve been following or actually seen Braun bat. Speaking of which….


…so he hit his 2nd Home Run of spring training. Apparently he was getting some flack from a few in the crowd too. Good to see a sportsman put it too them on the field!

So fingers crossed we hold out for the win to bring our record back to 4-4 for the cactus league.

Until next time………Go Brewers!!!!



So it’s been a little while since I last blogged. This has been unexpected but for many a reason. Firstly, I’m doing a Uni degree in accountancy and I had a massive amount of coursework to complete last week and then after that got finished, my laptop died! So I had to get a new one at the weekend and then to top it off, I’m helping my sister with her tax return! So it’s been a busy and hectic few weeks.

So what’s new??

Firstly, I’ve now officially been a Brewer fan for a whole calendar month. It seems longer to be honest. I am happily following the brewers tweets about spring training and finally I’m getting to follow some games via the internet. Sadly it has only been on the gameday score card but it’s helping me to learn some of the basics. I am finding it seems to be slow slow slow, then before you know it the innings is over and the other team is in bat! So it’s been enjoyable watching that. Hasten to say we’ve had some good results and some not so good. If i’m not mistaken our record is 3-3 at the moment and we’re currently up by 3 in the 5th against the A’s! I am now considering the MLB.tv membership though. During the weeks I have more time in the evenings and as it seems, most games are on during my awake hours in the evening so I could actually watch quite a few through my x-box. So now I’m trying to consider whether $129 is a worthwhile investment.

Short and sweet

…sorry about that for this. I really just wanted to blog to let you know I’m still following and that I’m hoping to get some time to write something worth reading soon!


Until next time….Go Brewers!!!!