Another win, but i lost an eBay auction…..

So over night we had another good result with a 5-2 win over the Padres taking our record to 16-6. We are now 4 games in front of the St. Louis Cardinals in our Division. Things are looking good.

So the only disappoinment today has been the fact I didn’t win an eBay auction on a Rawlings 12″ Baseball Mitt. I really want one now, but i didn’t quite realise how expensive they are! So has anyone got any recommendations on a nice starter one? Remember I live in England so I don’t have a massive choice over here! I’d quite like a bat too….

….so one thing I noticed on playbacks of Segura’s 3 run Home Run last night is that Bernie has a slide at Miller Park! The big kid in me really wants to have a go on that! How do I get to have a go? Does visiting from England qualify me???

So a night off tonight before the 3 game series against our Divisional Rivals, the Chicago Cubs.

I’ve also now created an Official Sussex Brewers Baseball twitter account. Follow my ramblings here: @Sussex_Brewers

Until next time……..We’re top of the pile!!!!


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