Top of the pile!

Hello Again….

So we, (Milwaukee Brewers) find ourselves top of the standings currently. An impressive 15-6 record makes us the team to catch at this early stage in the season. Exciting times! Have we got the right blend to last the entire season and make it to the post season (is that what it is called?)?

So the big talking point this week was the bench clearing against the Pirates on Sunday. I have to say I watched the video and it was all a lot of hot air over nothing! I’m not sure what expected etiquitte is, but does this happen often? It’s good to see players fired up for games, but do we not now lose players for games because of this hot headedness? Didn’t Gomez get a 5 game ban for the ensuing fight or handbags at 10 paces? I’m not clued up enough to comment really, but something that did make me laugh was a tweet I saw this week from someone you probably know and love. Hank the Ball Park Pup (@BrewersHank on twitter if you are not following him). I quote….

“What we learned from Sunday: If you start a brawl, run away as fast as possible, then you’ll stay out of trouble. #cowardly” – with reference to Pirates Pitcher Cole who obviously commented at Gomez to start the brawl.

……and this next tweet made me laugh……

“I’ll never forget the time I started barking at another dog for no reason, then that dog got in trouble for barking back while I ran away.”

Bless you Hank.

So what else has happened?

Well my Girlfriend (she is the best btw) decided to treat me for easter. Instead of Easter Eggs (I did actually get an Easter Egg too), I got these rather cool presents.

Firstly, a trivia book! I need to do some homework though…..

Brewers Book

Then this rather cool (and I’m waiting for a special occassion to christen) Pint Glass…..

Brewers Pint Glass

and best of all, a signed Craig Counsell Baseball!!!

Brewers Baseball - Craig Counsell

So this English Brew Crew member is one happy bunny at the moment.

Hope you all had a great Easter. Until next time……Go Brewers!!!!

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