What a start to the Season….

Hello again,

So it’s been a while. How have you all been? I’m guessing like me you are really happy with how the season has gone so far! I’ve managed to follow most of the games via twitter and even got to watch some of the free view game against the Braves (one of the ones we lost) on mlb.com. Annoyingly for me, it was an early start so i missed the first 6 innings as i was still at work! Almost any other day and I would have been able to watch my first complete game!

I’m guessing there isn’t much I can add that hasn’t already been said but, how good have we been the last 3 series? Braun with his 3 home run game and and Lohse with 21 strike outs in his3  games pitching with Gallardo keeping the run count down against us too! A 9 game win streak is immense plus we have the best record in the league! Lets hope that it continues! Sadly for me, tonight’s game starts at 01:10 am in the UK so I’ll be asleep. Hopefully I’ll wake in the morning to find out we’ve made it 10!

So its Home to the Cardinals who stand second in our division. Lets hope we pull away from them a bit further.

Come on you Brewers!!!!


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