Where is Milwaukee?

First things first…..

….so as suggested in my initial blog, I have chosen to follow a new sport and support a new team and combine that with learning how to write a blog. I set myself some objectives one I have managed to actually complete and the others are still ongoing.


….is the largest city in Wisconsin, United States of America. Ok many people know this. Even I knew that. I didn’t have a clue where in the United States, Wisconsin actually was. Very quickly I found out to my delight that it sits on Lake Michigan just 90 miles (a mere 2 hours drive) north of Chicago. I was happy to learn this as Chicago is the only city in the States that I have visited (other than Orlando when I was a child to go to Disney World)! It is for this reason that my NFL team is Da Bears!

Milwaukee’s History as I know it….

….originally 3 towns known as Juneautown, Kilbourntown and Walker’s Point which were all joined by roads crossing the many rivers that pass through it. These include The Milwaukee River, The Menomonee and the Kinnickinnic to name a few. A number of battles between the towns (mainly between Juneautown and Kilbourntown) ensued because of their egotistical founders dislike for each other. After the Milwaukee Bridge War of 1845 the 3 towns decided to merge and become the city of Milwaukee. Soon after, a large population of German immigrants started to arrive bringing with them their love of brewing beer. Wisconsin became a focal point for the wheat industry because of this although later became known as the dairy lands of America now famed for its cheese industry. Today the German history of the city is still celebrated and there are an abundance of pubs and bars in the city. Oktoberfest is actually celebrated (in July). It must be said that there is a large Polish contingent in the city also and the south side of Milwaukee still represents this.

Only one of the breweries remains in Milwaukee, The Miller Brewery and is a major employer in the city (plus major sponsor for the baseball team). I was also surprised to find out that another famous company based in the city is Harley-Davidson (I’m not a biker). Of course I could devote my blog to the city and its history but that is not my intention so that will do for now, but I have learnt something (every day is a school day).

Objective 2 complete….

….I spent a long time looking through websites at clothing ranges for the Milwaukee Brewers. I finally managed to find a supplier of NBL clothing based in the UK and can proudly say that I have ordered myself a Brewers t-shirt. I can’t wait until it arrives so I can post a picture of myself proudly wearing the team colours.

On the road to super fan…

….so I’ve learnt a little of the history of the city, but now I need to look in to the history of my team. I understand its 50 days until opening day! That’s not long to learn the rules of the game and the players of the team. I best get working on that then! Next time I actually intend to write about some baseball! Oh and thanks for the comment and follow DJ.

Until next time…….GO BREWERS!!!!!


  1. DJ

    A good book to read to get a little history of the Brewers is 100 Things Brewers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Tom Haudricourt. It covers the team’s history from the viewpoint of someone who covered them for the local newspaper since 1985.

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