A Noobs Entrance to Baseball

The Seed was planted…

….it was the evening of Tuesday 4 February 2014 and two friends and I were sitting down to watch Super Bowl 48 (Seahawks v Broncos). Coming from the South East of England and all having to be at work on the Monday morning we decided not to stay up all night on the Sunday but to record the game and get together to watch it at a more sociable hour. Early in the evening conversation went around all the sports we follow and the teams we support. It soon became apparent that not one of us followed the same team at any sport. It also became apparent that none of us followed Baseball. As the evening went further we all started to like the idea that for once, the three of us could start to follow a team together. There would be no rivalry and we could all share in the highs and lows of a team’s success. So the seed was planted, lets become fans of a baseball team.

Who to follow

….so none of us know anything about baseball. Other than the fact that we knew of a few of the teams we couldn’t decide on whom to follow. We immediatly dismissed the idea of following one of the bigger teams. It’s just not British to support the favourite so we needed an underdog to get behind. One thing that we love about American sports is the naming of their teams. In the U.K. our teams are very interestingly known as City, Town or United. So trawling through all of the team names became a big conversation in itself. We liked the idea of associating the name of the team to our lives and hasten to say we finally decided on our team, Milwaukee Brewers. This stems from the fact that we all spend far too much time drinking beer and that the other two have a like for brewing their own beer. So the hard part was now done.

So where is Milwaukee?

…..so we are 100% behind the Brewers and will follow the upcoming and forth coming seasons with all the passion of you long living fans. We just had one problem. We knew nothing about the team. We didn’t even know where Milwaukee was. So it’s in Wisconsin. Where is that? So as you can see we have a lot to learn about our new team! As this blog suggests, we are no experts on anything to do with baseball or the brewers. So as it will be a long learning curve for us, I decided to take up another new hobby and blog my musings of becoming a Milwaukee Brewers fan.


So over the next few weeks I now have a number of challenges to myself…

  1. To learn about Milwaukee, its location and the team.
  2. To get some Milwaukee Brewers apparel to wear in support of the team.
  3. To learn the rules of baseball.
  4. To learn how to write a blog.

Simple right? I hope so.

Until next time…….GO BREWERS!!!!!


One comment

  1. DJ

    Hi! I am very happy to hear that you are going to learn about baseball and the Brewers. I am a die-hard Brewer fan and have been my whole life.

    I was born and raised in Milwaukee, though I have been living in Florida for the past 10 years. I love the city and the people, but the winters are just too cold. Every time I visit I make a point of going to one of their games at Miller Park.

    If you have any questions about baseball or the Brewers, do not hesitate to ask.


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